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Automate Document Processing to Accelerate Operations




Process the qualification of suppliers, distributors, and customers faster and more accurately through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and workflows

Improve Turnaround Time by 94%

Automated document scanning/submission and verification cut cycle time tremendously from days to hours or even minutes be it for loan applications, remittance claims or license renewals.

Expedite Onboarding by 22%

Checking requirements for various types of applications takes time and effort. Validate documents in minutes through smart technologies such as RPA and OCR and onboard clients in no time

Get 100% Visibility on Verification Processes

Gain bird’s-eye view of all document processes from receipt to extracting information to detecting fraudulent files that save businesses from risks 

Today’s digital world is requiring businesses to consistently make customer and business partner-related processes cost-effective and efficient while keeping risk mitigation and regulatory compliance in mind. With the increasing cases of scams and fraud, companies need to incorporate qualification management tools in their processes that assist suppliers, distributors, and customers to submit applications and documents conveniently, instantly authenticate and verify different types of files and formats, and expedite accreditation processes.

QuickReach Accreditation Management automates the qualification of accreditation documents received. This allows enterprises to have a foolproof document authentication phase that speeds up the entire business process.

Package Inclusions

Admin Web App

Closely manage accreditation activities with an Admin Web App that enables employees to monitor all supplier, distributor and customer applications and their submitted records in one place

Applicant Mobile App

Allow suppliers, distributors and customers to scan and submit documents using the app in a matter of seconds. QuickReach guarantees 100% extraction accuracy from various types of documents


Approval Workflows

Intended Users

Create tickets/“jobs” for each application submitted and assign them to their respective approvers  and signatories for processing. Track the progress of each application as employees update its status real time

  • Employees


Document Data Capture

Intended Users

Capture information from paper documents that are submitted into the system as an image or PDF file instantly with OCR. This technology employs artificial intelligence to map out documents automatically and is self-learning, meaning the more you use the solution, the more it is able to improve data capture accuracy

  • Employees


Automated Search and Validation

Intended Users

Do away of  manually going through paper documents and archives that take minutes to hours, or even days delaying application processes. This feature lets you look up applicant and accredited customers’ profiles, accreditation information and submitted documents in seconds

  • Employees


Customer, Supplier, and Team Management

Intended Users

Create, update and manage profiles for customers, suppliers, and teams and engage with the seamlessly through the Admin WebApp. This way, all accreditation exchanges are more centralized and easier to oversee.

  • Employees


Email and In-App Notifications

Intended Users

Don’t miss on important tasks. Get notified every time an application is submitted through email or through in-app notifications subject to processing.

  • Employees


Live Dashboard

Intended Users

  • Employees

Have a ready overview of ongoing and accomplished accreditations. Know how many applications are still on a certain phases at a glance and see which lanes have the bottlenecks that need resolution. 

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Application Entry & Status Updates

Intended Users: 

  • Customers

Enable suppliers, distributors or customers to submit accreditation applications anytime, anywhere through a mobile app. Let them see if their application is received, being processed or whether they need to submit supplementary documents.


Custom Forms & File Attachment

Intended Users

Get information from applicants through forms that can be customized to capture needed applicant data. Make it easier for applicants to submit documents, too, through a file attachment feature that allows them to submit soft copies of documents anytime.

  • Customers


Email & In-App Notifications

Intended Users: 

  • Customers

Notify suppliers, distributors and customers of important updates on their applications via email and through in-app notifications


Live Chat

Intended Users

Cater to urgent issues by having a live chat feature which suppliers, distributor and customers can turn to when it comes to concerns such as clarifications on accreditation processes and the required documents

  • Customers




IRIS developed IRISXtractTM, an AI-based document capture platform that features OCR technology



Softomotive is one of the leading worldwide providers of Robotic Process Automation solutions, trusted by more than 8,000 companies globally.



QuickReach is a low-code process automation platform that stitches processes with existing systems to create delightful experiences for customers and employees. QuickReach enables business users to design, implement, and automate digital solutions to streamline business process management (BPM), workflows and customer engagement activities. QuickReach helps make enterprise digital transformation more agile, less complicated, cost-effective, and ultimately, successful.
QuickReach is a wholly-owned company of BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is on a path to be a global leader in technology. Drawing from 18 years of building commercial software for independent software vendors from all over the world, as well as a decade of developing its own startups, BlastAsia seeks to help enterprises from different industries fully realize the benefits of digital transformation through the QuickReach platform. 

BlastAsia is certified in Quality Management Systems (QMS) ISO 9001:2015, and in Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Outsourced Product Development, Research, and Development, and Software Quality Testing. BlastAsia is also a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform and an IBM Business Partner.



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