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Digitizing Equipment Maintenance Field Services​

Wellthy Solutions shifts equipment maintenance services online and increases process efficiency using a field service management app created via our no-code platform​

Solution Overview


Equipment Maintenance​ Management​

Development Time

Less than 1 month

Business Value

Cost savings in ERP fees


Multiple apps accessible by various stakeholders, connected to different systems such as accounting, etc.


Like Wellthy, digitally transform your company at lightning speed with Steer by QuickReach


About Wellthy Solutions, Inc.

Since 2009, Wellthy Solutions, Inc. has been dedicated to providing access to safe and clean drinking water to both residential homes and corporate offices in the Philippines through their products and services.​


The Process Before Using QuickReach

The Process Before Using QuickReach

Prior to using QuickReach, Wellthy’s processes were manual and heavily paper-based. A field worker conducts maintenance visits to client locations to check their water filtration system. Each of them documented the findings via a paper form/ checklist validated by a client’s signature. At the end of their shift, the field workers submitted all checklists to the office where the data is encoded into the system and used as basis for their billable work and the materials needed should there be repairs to be done.​

How QuickReach Helped

Wellthy Solutions essentially automated the equipment maintenance service process by creating an app/digital checklist on Steer accessible to field workers via tablet. The app cuts redundancies and speeds up the process because the information from the digital checklist is now instantly routed to the system upon client validation using e-signature. This means no more writing and encoding is needed when conducting maintenance checks and reports.

In addition, since the process is shifted online and is connected to billing, data accuracy for invoicing has improved and data security has been ensured. No more lost checklists and misplaced documents! This enables the company to focus more on addressing customer needs swiftly and improving overall service.

How QuickReach Helped
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