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Provide customers & partners quick access to your digital solutions

Make it easy for customers, partners, or suppliers to file & track requests, give feedback, and more via web widgets and your own customer mobile app

Empower customers to submit requests & receive updates via your own app

QuickReach enables you to easily extend your solutions to your customers and other stakeholders so you can receive and manage orders and requests faster and more efficiently

Let customers submit and track requests real time

Have your own custom branded app and web widget with self-service options for customers, suppliers, and other partners to file requests in seconds on their web and mobile devices

Manage and approve requests more efficiently

Gain insight on the tickets submitted by customers and stakeholders so you can work on pending items and process their requests more effectively

Manage and approve requests more efficiently
Chat with customers and get feedback

Chat with customers and get feedback

Create seamless customer experience for your customer and your business. Capture and manage messages and feedback from your customers in one powerful platform

Notify customers on request status updates, promos, and other content

QuickReach lets you create and send in-app notifications for various content including updates on request status, promos, and more.


100% customizable -
no coding needed

Want something custom-built but don’t want the cost, headache, and waiting time of building software from scratch? QuickReach is here to help!

Explore the different modules inside
our no-code platform

Build an app fully integrated to your backend in weeks. No engineers needed.

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