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Our Approach to 
Digital Success

Combine insights from Service Design and the agility of No-Code to create winning web and mobile solutions


Ensure better customer experience by building customer empathy through service design, then iteratively create solutions using no-code

Go Digital Framework

Digital Transformation is NOT about simply slapping on a new technology (for employees and customers to use) and calling it a day. It’s about fully understanding your customers’ needs by applying design thinking principles through a Service Blueprint then bringing the blueprint to life through no-code development.

What is Service Design?

Service design, which has its roots in design thinking, is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and other components of a service in order to improve customer experience which is being dished out. Service design may function as a way to inform changes to an existing service or create a new service entirely.

Service design, through a Service Blueprint, visualizes the relationships between your customer and the different service components — people, tools (physical or digital), and processes to showcase gaps or opportunities for optimization which exist which could enhance the customer journey.

When used in digital transformation, service design results in meaningful solutions that your customers as well as your employees will love.

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What is No-Code?

No-code platforms enable application development with no manual programming required. Instead of coding, these platforms use visual modeling, where users can drag-and-drop components into logical sequences to create functional applications.

This enables citizen developers with minimal technical skills to quickly create working prototypes and significantly reduces the time to market for applications. Because of the speed of development and ease of use, no-code platforms align the business and IT by making it possible for business users to contribute directly, rather than waiting for an idea to have its turn on IT’s backlog.

Using a no-code platform like Steer to build software that support your company’s digital transformation ensures agility and lowers overall cost while yielding the same business results.

The Steer Advantage

Applying Design Thinking through Service Design then implementing using traditional development methods is an expensive, long-drawn, and high-risk endeavor.  Here are some of the reasons why Steer’s No-Code Platform is a better choice for digital transformation

Web and Mobile Form


Steer is 100% customizable, meaning it can fit your organization like a glove vs buying off-the-shelf software that still requires customization


Custom-building software from the ground up (using code) is expensive and time-consuming. Get the same results minus the headaches by using Steer.


Traditional software development methods usually end up with features that you don’t need and with no time nor budget left. With Steer, you can build, publish, then tweak anytime.


Your initial investments in software should not go to waste. With Steer, you can easily connect to core systems via API. For legacy systems without an API, simply use Steeroid - our integration robot!

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