Thriving in the New Normal with No-Code Development: Production & Distribution Management

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The global pandemic is reshaping supply chain activities across the world. For manufacturers, this means reassessing processes that cover the two major sides of the supply chain: source-to-manufacturing and manufacturing-to-distribution.

In order to drive efficiency and safety, as well as thrive in the new normal of doing business, digitizing, automating, and integrating the supply chain has become imperative. That's why companies are now accelerating their digital transformation initiatives

We invite you to a FREE webinar called Thriving in the New Normal with No-Code Development: Production and Distribution Management on July 24, Friday, 1-3PM (SGT, UTC+8).

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The strategies of transforming various stages of the supply chain, from source to production to distribution 

  • The benefits of supply chain going digital

  • How no-code can boost your digital tranformation initiatives 

Slots are limited so reserve yours before they run out!