Create, automate, and extend workflows with zero coding

Reinvent operations and deliver great experiences to employees and customers via automated processes



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QuickReach lets you boost efficiency and simplify employee and customer activities

Manage everything on the go

Gain better control of operations with a web and mobile app where you can see all the items you need to work on and track all activities across workflows anytime

Build digital workflows in no time

Instantly turn paper-based processes into digital workflows via visual and rapid design implementation or through QuickReach’s free process templates

File, manage, and approve tickets with ease

Enable customers to conveniently submit and employees & managers to approve requests real time using their mobile phones

Build and manage digital workflows in minutes

QuickReach gives you the freedom to DIY workflow automation - from forms creation, to process configuration, to reports generation - and manage digital processes using visual builders and with guaranteed zero coding. These make it easy to boost productivity and enhance visibility in your organization.

Core Features

Drag and Drop Dynamic Forms

Workflow Builder

Form | Process | Data Table | Reports

Easily design the entire workflow or choose a ready-made template to rollout a process in minutes: Freely design forms, get to add dynamic behaviors without any coding and automate filing of requests in a matter of minutes


Automation Designer

Logic | Integrations | Actions

Freely design forms exactly how you need them to be using the drag-and-drop builder with a range of field types and validation options. Get to add dynamic behaviors without any coding and automate filing of requests in a matter of minutes


Work Management

Task List | Process  Board

Manage tasks from an individual, process, or organization level and use a free mobile app to file and approve requests


Public Access

Mobile App | Chat Bot | Web Widget

Provide customers convenient, 24/7 self-service solutions via mobile app, chat bot or web widget


Streamline processes in minutes without writing a line of a code



Advanced Features

Records Management

Form | Data Table | Reports

Generate your own specialized report from existing forms by choosing any relevant data from the available filters and use advanced filters. Visualize your data with presentation-ready charts, graphs, and tables


Integration Management

API | Integration Bot

Configure integrations by recording specific user interactions, testing the integration, and implementing it as desired



Mobile-Assisted | Stand-Alone

Add internet of things capabilities to your workflows either mobile-assisted or stand-alone



Image Processing | Speech

Upgrade your digital workflows with QuickReach’s wide range of cognitive tools such as image, speech, language and decision processing among others


Additional Features


Electronically sign, prepare, act on, and manage agreements to deliver great experiences for your customers and employees. 

Use cases: signing of purchase requests/purchase orders, sales contracts, etc


Improve efficiency and accuracy within finance departments by digitizing payments, approvals and more

Use cases: ride-hailing apps, user location or activity forecasting, etc.

QR and Barcode Scanning

Enables sales teams to process requests and applications easier to focus more on new business

Use cases: inventory management, payments, etc.