Digital Transformation in Customer Engagement | Self-Service Support


Deliver Always-on Convenience to Customers


Boost customer satisfaction and lower support operations costs by enabling 24/7 conversations and transactions to take place using chat bots and corresponding workflows

Reduce Customer Support Costs by up to 30%

Do away with the costs of maintaining a big contact center by giving customers the ability to resolve simple issues on their own

Automate Responding to up to 80% of Routine Questions

Freeing up representatives from answering simple problems leads to spending more time and energy addressing complex issues

Address Support Tickets Efficiently through Online Workflow Management

Streamline support ticket processes for optimal efficiency via online workflow management that lets you assign and track issues real-time

It seems so long ago when calling up company hotlines was the only way to get customer service to save time and effort in walking to their store or branch. Today, businesses are gradually investing in technology so their customers can essentially “DIY” when it comes to support issues.

In this modern world of “anywhere, anytime”, more and more consumers want self-service and so should your business. QuickReach Helpdesk Automation helps you cut cost, be where customers are and be accessible through whatever channel they prefer to get the information they needed.



Engage in conversations with customers 24/7 through chat bots that can accommodate self-service transactions such as account upgrading, and assist them with FAQs and account inquiries

Customer Chat Bot

Manage inquiries,  transactions and requests received via chatbot using a web app that lets you set up workflows, assign tasks and update ticket statuses until its fulfillment

Admin Web App

Core Modules

Ticket Creation and 
Status Updates

Intended Users

Generate tickets for each customer concern received by chatbots from Facebook Messenger, websites, apps, and even email. Assign tickets to employees and allow them to update its status as they work towards its completion

  • Employees


Custom Forms and File Attachment

Intended Users

  • Customers

Let customers submit documents conveniently through a file attachment feature. Get the customer information you need by creating custom forms within chatbot threads


24/7 FAQ Support

Intended Users

Answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) round the clock through chatbots that can address general and repetitive questions anytime via Facebook Messenger, websites, apps, and even email.

  • Customers


Activity Workflows

Intended Users

  • Employees

Streamline processes by setting up, performing, and monitoring a defined sequence of tasks, allowing you to improve productivity, agility and information exchange within your organization


Let’s discuss your finance team’s 
digital future

Straight-Through Processing

Intended Users: 

  • Employees

Enable automatic approvals based on pre-set rules for even faster processing of requests 


Customer and Team Management

Intended Users: 

  • Employees

Manage customer databases and gain insight from their purchase information. Invite and update access rights of employees, and set groups or departments and access right categories. This module also includes employee self-sign up and login via email, social media account, and/or mobile number.


Live Dashboard

Intended Users: 

  • Employees

Have a dashboard upon login that contains

 important/urgent information such as most frequently asked questions, and pending jobs.


Optional Add-On Modules and Technologies

Mobile App

Optical Character Recognition

Robotic Process Automation


Automation Anywhere
Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services


QuickReach is an agile digital transformation platform that helps enterprises accelerate innovation in three ways: Packaged Solutions that address specific challenges and can be rolled out very quickly, Strategy Consulting that outlines pragmatic steps towards full digital transformation,   and a Low-Code Development Platform that brings together workflow, microapps, and artificial intelligence to build scalable digital interaction solutions that connect with existing core systems.
QuickReach is a product of BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is on a path to be a global leader in technology. Drawing from 18 years of building commercial software for independent software vendors from all over the world, as well as a decade of developing its own startups, BlastAsia seeks to help enterprises from different industries fully realize the benefits of digital transformation through the QuickReach platform.

BlastAsia is certified in Quality Management Systems (QMS) ISO 9001:2015, and in Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Outsourced Product Development, Research, and Development, and Software Quality Testing. BlastAsia is also a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform and an IBM Business Partner.


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