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BlastAsia launches new Smart Services & Expertise

BlastAsia, a leading offshore software product engineering company based in the Philippines, reintroduces its roster of trusted services and launches new technologies grown from its tradition of research and development.

Unparalleled Software Development Excellence

Envisioned to be a leading global IT service provider, BlastAsia has been committed to delivering quality services with cost efficiency and flexibility. Its competence is built on 18 years of experience in lean startup and agile software development methodologies with over 120 business and engineering talents.

New Areas for Innovation

With innovation at its core, BlastAsia has always been at the forefront of technology. This year, it continues to provide organizations with the smart edge in their software products through the new additions to its list software product engineering services and expertise.

1. Robotic Process Automation – BlastAsia’s engineers are trained to implement robotic process automation (RPA), whether it’s automating repetitive tasks and connecting with legacy systems without APIs to extend their capabilities

2. Artificial Intelligence – Elevate software from great to awesome by augmenting it with image, language, speech, and decision processing tools from Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. These solutions have machine learning built-in that guarantee apps to keep on getting better and better.

3. Blockchain – BlastAsia has built expertise in Hyperledger Fabric to help organizations reap the benefits of decentralization, immutability, security, and transparency that blockchain technology and smart contracts bring

4. Microservices – QuickReach, as mentioned earlier, was built by the BlastAsia team using a microservice architecture. Microservices makes it easier and faster to build apps, offers flexibility in technology stack and scalability, and works well for autonomous, cross-functional teams.

A Focus on Process Automation & Rapid Application Development

Speed to market is the key to software business today more than ever, either to test out new concepts or match the feature offerings of competitors. It is now critical to be fast in your app build to market. Using QuickReach, an intelligent process automation platform that the team created, BlastAsia offers a rapid application development service where custom apps can be swiftly built on top of the platform. This significantly cuts development time, whether the goal is to build a prototype for your startup, or to extend the functionality of your current product to meet the demands in the market or extend automation to the backend.

Kickstart the New Year With Smarter Software

As the new decade opens, BlastAsia continues to zero in on quality service and adept software products. It’s time to make your software smarter with BlastAsia. Book a meeting so we can discuss with you any of these new offerings in greater detail.


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