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BlastAsia Unveils New Services Designed for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Harnessing over two decades of experience in software product engineering, technology strategy consulting, and startup development, BlastAsia has rebranded and unveiled a set of digital transformation services. These curated services seek to bring lasting and impactful change to enterprises undergoing digital transformation.

BlastAsia believes that successful digital transformation involves three key steps:

1. Strategy Planning

Unlike traditional strategy development, the best digital strategies are those that are derived from design thinking and are, at the core, customer-centric. BlastAsia will help you arrive at a solid strategy to ensure digital success.

2. Solution Build

The scalability and longevity of any digital transformation are hinged on how software solutions are built. BlastAsia is here to help you make software faster, easier, and better using its proprietary development platforms

3. Maintenance & Support

Digital transformation does not end with building a set of solutions. These solutions need to be rolled out, marketed, and maintained like their own business unit. BlastAsia is here to be that team for you.

New services, same expert team with over two decades of experience in software product engineering

The new key services of BlastAsia are as follows:

Through a proprietary design thinking-based process, we will guide you in laying out your digital roadmap, prioritizing solutions, and designing experiences. (learn more)

Have custom web/mobile software built-in weeks using our automated software development platform, Xamun

Digitize internal processes in days using our no-code operations digitization platform, QuickReach

Maintain, market, and support your digital solutions with an expert team (learn more)

Our long-standing service of providing software product engineering teams is still being offered, under Managed Services, under the Dedicated Developer brand. While BlastAsia continues to serve independent software vendors (ISVs) through this service, the leadership team is also seeing a continuous rise in enterprise digital transformation needs as more and more non-technology companies are becoming tech companies themselves.

Helping companies go digital – every step of the way

However, going digital is no easy feat. There’s a multitude of challenges involved in any digital transformation initiative. First, there is oftentimes a misalignment between the digital strategy and business goals. This leads to a high failure rate in earlier digital transformation efforts. Second, there is a global drought in digital and engineering talent. This makes both strategy and solution development extremely difficult and/or expensive to pull off. Lastly, most companies are not equipped to maintain and update multiple systems. This leads to some solutions getting rendered useless, business disruptions, and many companies reverting to their old, non-digital ways of doing business.

BlastAsia seeks to be a full-service/one-stop shop for anything related to digital transformation. Its Go Digital packages encompass all the services mentioned above to help companies address these challenges.
Feel free to book a meeting with the BlastAsia team to learn more about these new offerings.


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