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Creating a Digital Operations in Hours

Undergoing digital transformation, as you may know by now, is a painful yet rewarding endeavor. Whether you’ve started going digital years ago or you’ve suddenly decided to digitize your operations recently because of the pandemic, it’s an undertaking that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Traditionally, creating digital operations meant setting a 5-year roadmap, setting aside thousands of dollars in your budget, and having custom software to run your entire business (or at least your most critical workflows). That last bit has been a hot topic in the past few years because building software from the ground up has been proven to be long-drawn, expensive, and complex – especially for non-tech companies who are undergoing digital transformation. Such companies don’t have their core competency in building software, although we are seeing a lot of the bigger players transitioning from brick-and-mortar businesses to (pseudo) tech companies. Mid- to large-sized companies are slowly catching up, thanks to the growing popularity of low-code and no-code platforms, which help them address the very issues surrounding building software from the ground up. For the purpose of this article, we won’t touch on low-code platforms because as the name suggests: it still requires some coding. With a global dearth of coding talent, this can be a very huge headache for companies of all sizes, so let’s take it out for now.

While no-code platforms are here to stay, they have a myriad of ways of going about building software and each of them has its own set of benefits and shortcomings. One major downside of using a traditional no-code platform is they tend to produce solutions that are too simple. Business processes, depending on the departments involved and the industry, can be very complex and these no-code platforms tend to fall short in being able to “connect the dots” between the interaction point with customers (and other third-party stakeholders like partners or vendors) and the internal workflows that are triggered by each ticket/request/inquiry/order. These days, it’s no longer about creating a digital façade of having some way online for people outside the organization to connect with people inside the organization. While some of you may have already employed some version of a digital façade (such as using a messaging app like Whatsapp or Viber or even Facebook Messenger, or some online form using Google Forms and the like), it’s the internal processes – that are still largely manual – which is riddled with so many inefficiencies and delays that still do not provide the true transformation that most organizations need. And we haven’t even gone into some of the platforms’ challenges when it comes to automating repetitive tasks and integrating with your existing systems.

With ground-up custom software development taking at least 6 months to produce anything close to digital operations, and with no-code platforms – while able to whip something up in days or hours – still unable to cater to more complex workflows we are stuck with the big question: How can I have digital operations in hours?

This is where a solution like QuickReach comes in.

Drawing from more than two decades of experience building custom software from the ground up, and more than 2 years helping companies digitize, automate, and integrate business processes to create that digital operations that everyone has been longing for, QuickReach combines all the following in one platform that produces easy-to-use solutions for end-users:

  • Workflow Management/Business Process Management or Automation (BPM/BPA)

  • Forms Automation (Digital Forms and Records)

  • Intelligent Process Automation/Task Automation

  • Integration Automation/Management

  • No-Code Development

Not only that, but QuickReach also offers Go Digital Services such as admin and end-user training, data migration, and solution configuration. Through its sister brand Xamun, we can even help you build even more complex custom software in weeks and connect it back to QuickReach as needed.

The key to building digital operations in hours is our growing list of solution templates that you can access, configure, and roll out in a matter of hours. Not only that, you can do the whole solution configuration without writing a single line of code.

QuickReach is a very flexible platform to build practically any digital solution that your operations may need, whether it's for creating digital sales operations, for human resources, or for your finance & accounting department – and the list goes on and on. If you want to know more about how we can help you go digital in hours, feel free to book a demo here.

QuickReach’s mission is to help companies like yours go digital as quickly and as affordably as possible. It’s really up to you know to take the plunge, embrace change, and create your digital operations on our platform.


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