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Empowering CXOs toward Digital Transformation

Empowering CXOs toward Digital Transformation

Each member of the C-Suite is expected to contribute in the company’s innovation agenda, thus, it is essential for them to keep up with the fast-evolving technologies and business trends. To address this, BlastAsia, in partnership with Workcentric Solutions Consulting, Inc., organized a Leadership Forum on Digital Transformation last November 23, 2017 at the New World Hotel Manila to update and equip CxOs with the right business tools in this age of digital disruption.

Attended by over 30 C-level executives across industries, the learning session featured Gurango Software Corporation Founder and Chairman Joey Gurango who imparted insights on Digital Transformation and the role that it plays in cultivating innovation and competence within organizations. Complementing this is Digital Transformation and Technology Coach Joel Garcia’s talk on the customer journey and the effect of remarkable customer experiences to business success.

Many have embraced digital transformation as part of their growth strategy, and constant updating and customization are imperative to meet unique standards of productivity. To spark further interest in digitizing business operations, Manulife Business Processing Services AVP for Digital Information Services Denmar Ong shared their inspiring journey in leveraging on Robotic Process Automation to optimize their operational efficiency.

Moreover, there can never be too many tools and innovative strategies to take on in becoming digital visionaries. With this, Workcentric Solutions Consulting, Inc. Founder and CEO Aureo Castillo shared facts on how data and analytics can help create informed decisions and therefore drive enterprises to success.

Computrade Technology Philippines Managing Director Teddy Sumulong concluded the knowledge-packed session with a valuable discussion on Cybersecurity, the potential damage it can cause if breached and the competitive advantage it brings.

The CXO attendees had their chance to ask questions and share insights at the end of the session which were gladly addressed by the speakers, joined by BlastAsia, Inc. Founder and CEO Arup Maity.

Empowering CXOs toward Digital Transformation

This knowledge-sharing forum for CXOs is in line with BlastAsia and Workcentric’s vision to empower companies and its leaders to move forward and accelerate success through the power of technology.

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  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

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