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FREE Quick & Easy B2C eCommerce Webinars in May

Updated: May 28, 2020

QuickReach will host another set of free webinars entitled "Beyond the Online Storefront: Quick and Easy B2C eCommerce" this month following its successful Business Process Reengineering Workshops held in March and April. The webinars are scheduled on May 22 and May 29, Friday, 1-4 PM (Manila Time, UTC +8).

The Community Quarantine has led to increased online consumer activity, creating an opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to increase cashflow by going into direct-to-consumer eCommerce. However, eCommerce is an initiative that isn’t as simple as creating your own online shop. Dubbed as the “eCommerce Iceberg”, this framework shows the myriad of actitivities that need to take place to make factory-to-customer operations run smoothly:

With this, all are welcome to register to the Beyond the Online Storefront: Quick and Easy B2C eCommerce Webinar where participants will learn about:

  • Persona Development​, Customer Journey Mapping, Prioritization of Challengine CJM Stages

  • Service Design Blueprint Development & Process Optimization

  • Implementing the Optimized Process Using a Low-Code Platform

Each webinar session is open to ten companies only. Each company is advised to have at least two participants. Join and revamp your eCommerce operations. To register, CLICK HERE.


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