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QuickReach is Now Steer

We’re excited to announce that we’re embarking on a rebranding effort for our platform, which we are now calling Steer.

New name, identity, and vision. Same great platform.

The word “steer” means “to guide or control the movement of a vehicle, like a ship”. In this case, you are the captain and the ship is your company. We want to help you steer your company towards becoming a connected enterprise and gain full control of the software that you use in your operations.

While we still want you to use Steer to digitize, automate, and integrate processes, we are adding new things to empower you do more inside. And that’s why we’re now redefining Steer a no-code development platform.

What exactly is a no-code development platform, and what can it do? Watch this video:

We at Steer envision a world where innovators like you are not restricted by the inability to write code in order to create impactful digital solutions.

We’re not just building a platform, we’re building a community.

In addition to the awesome new features we’re adding to platform, we’re also unveiling new free resources over the next couple of weeks:

  1. Steer DX Academy is an online learning portal that will offer free courses on design thinking, digital transformation, and no-code development. We will also be offering certifications at the end of each course so you can add that to your existing set of professional competencies.

  2. Free webinars on specific topics like how to make your restaurant’s own online ordering channel, or how to bring production and distribution management online

  3. eBooks and Whitepapers on various topics relating to your digital transformation journey

Feel free to give your comments and suggestions on our new brand through Don't forget to visit out new website and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get more updates.


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