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Dynamically manage records from creation to reporting

Improve efficiency, data accuracy and regulatory compliance with records management tools on QuickReach



Improve efficiency, data accuracy and regulatory compliance with records management tools on QuickReach

  • Gain better control of records generation and growth

  • Effectively facilitate retrieving records and disposing of data past end-of-life date

  • Ensure regulatory compliance via advanced records management technology and a firm policy for records management and retention

Set up a reliable records management system for your company

With its dynamic forms designer, data tables, and configurable reports, QuickReach empowers you to manage your data from generation to reporting, making it more efficient to collect, search for, and present accurate data

Dynamic Forms

Fields | Validate | Refer

Freely design forms exactly how you need them to be using the drag-and-drop builder with a range of field types and validation options. Get to add dynamic behaviors without any coding and automate filing of requests in a matter of minutes

Data Tables

Build | Migrate | Sync

Build tables that capture relevant data and migrate or sync the collected information among different systems

Configurable Reports

Charts | Graphs | Tables

Generate your own specialized report by choosing any relevant data from the available filters and use advanced filters. Visualize your data with presentation-ready charts, graphs, and tables

An easily configurable records management solution that meets your needs



About QuickReach

QuickReach is a no-code app builder platform that empowers you to easily create custom apps in minutes - without coding

The need to swiftly build apps to address various operational challenges has risen over the past few years. However, building software from ground up presents issues of cost, time, and talent pool, while buying off-the-shelf software is harder to customize and integrate.

QuickReach is here to help by providing a no-code app builder platform used by IT users and business users alike to create software that meets their exact needs

QuickReach is a Singapore-incorporated product company backed by the experience of the BlastAsia team. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is ISO-certified in Quality Management Systems and in Information Security Management Systems. BlastAsia is also a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform.

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