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Build your own workflow apps in minutes - no coding required

Easily set-up your workflows to manage, track, and streamline your work using QuickReach’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop process designer

Digitalize your processes through intuitive and easy-to-use solution builders

Based on Service Design Blueprint principles, QuickReach empowers Builders to create and roll out workflow apps in a matter of minutes, without writing a single line of code


Assign the actors for each of the process steps

Ensure accountability in your workflows by  identifying actors for each process step. Assign actors or approvers for each process lane be it an employee, a supervisor, a manager, or your C-Suite executives

Define workflow steps

Streamline workflows end-to-end. Add the succeeding steps that consist the workflow such as processing and/or approval layers. Be sure to minimize bottlenecks by configuring SLA and scheduler settings for each step, as well as email and SMS notifications 


Set and connect actions into a workflow

Create a cohesive workflow by connecting successive actions to one another. Add an automation layer and configure triggers to make workflows even smarter 


100% customizable -
no coding needed

Want something custom-built but don’t want the cost, headache, and waiting time of building software from scratch? QuickReach is here to help!


Go digital with Service Blueprint Design

QuickReach enables  you optimize your operations by digitizing your processes with the help of service design principles.  By designing your service blueprint, you'll get to  map out your organizations' processes from the perspective of the customer and identify unnecessary wastes and bottlenecks and begin optimizing for automation. 

Explore the different modules inside
our no-code platform

Build an app fully integrated to your backend in weeks. No engineers needed.

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