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5 Easy Steps Towards Business Process Automation Success

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

By: Siddharth Wadehra, QuickReach Head of Research

Katherine Ina Fuentes, QuickReach Digital Transformation Consulting Associate

If you have read our previous blogs about business process automation (BPA), you'll realize that automating processes isn't rocket science after all. If you have ticked-off most, if not all, of the signs that you're already ready for BPA and have identified the processes that you can easily start automation with, then you may already kickstart digital transformation using business process automation (BPA). Here’s a good game plan for you!


Choose your low hanging fruit. Start with a business process where you can see obvious results and where there aren’t any immediate risks.


Remember that automating a bad process won’t help you at all. Meet with key stakeholders to ask them what they would like to see in an automated process. What benefits are they looking for? Do you need to be able to connect with other software platforms? Do you need to be able to create conditional steps? Do you need to be able to hide some data from certain task owners? At this point, you don’t need to use any software, just map it and out on pen and paper.


After you’ve figured out what you need, it’s time to go shopping. Many companies get this wrong and start with the software, only to find out that it lacks key features, or they get buyer’s remorse after spending a lot of money on something that doesn’t work well. Know exactly what you are looking for first, and then go find workflow automation software that fits. Most options today have a risk-free trial option which would allow you to play around to explore whether this might suit your requirements or not. 


If you choose the right software, this should be a fairly quick and easy step. You should be able to configure all of your settings like email notifications, assigning deadlines, and configuring accessibility.


Once your automated process is up and running, you will likely have a few wrinkles to iron out. After it has been functioning for a few weeks, you should have good data to let you know how well the process is functioning. Plugin some analytics and discover the best places to make improvements. Go back and adjust your workflow and form as needed to make sure that everything is running at peak performance.

Making your game plan a reality with QuickReach

Having a good game plan can help you achieve success in your digital transformation journey through business process automation (BPA). Be sure to choose your process wisely and to pick a great platform to create your integrated digital workflows with like QuickReach.

There are actually a lot of processes that you can start automating in your organization, be it in HR, finance, office admin, or IT such as onboarding, leave requests, purchase requests, purchase orders, sales orders, payment approvals, and travel expense approval. Automating these business processes should not be a hassle and will be as easy as one-two-three when done through QuickReach. QuickReach offers various workflow templates that match your existing processes within business areas

Try out QuickReach here or book a meeting with us so we can discuss how we can create delightful experiences for your customers and employees together.


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