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Standardizing after-sales repair and maintenance processes

Daikin Philippines uses QuickReach to create an app that streamlines their after-sales repair and maintenance processes, eliminates paperwork and allows customers & teams to schedule appointments, track progress, and see real-time updates. 

Solution Overview


Daikin Partner App

Development Time

6 Months

Business Value

Monitored technical consultation​, reduced paper consumption for warranty services​, faster warranty services response and processing


Technical Consultation​, Warranty Services​, Warranty Registration​, Warranty Claims (Coming Soon)​, Spare Parts Bank, Error Code Library​,
Training Request (Coming Soon)​


Like Daikin Philippines, digitally transform your company at lightning speed with QuickReach


About Daikin Philippines

Daikin Philippines is a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd. known to provide total air conditioning solutions that promote comfort, and top-of-the-line products and services through leading-edge technology. To provide better customer service, Daikin Philippines seeks to continuously improve their processes, especially their after-sales & maintenance services.



The Process Before Using QuickReach

Daikin Philippines encountered significant challenges in managing their after-sales repair and maintenance requests. The entire process was predominantly manual, leading to inefficiencies and difficulties in effectively tracking and managing customer requests. With minimal or no tracking capabilities, it was challenging for Daikin Philippines to maintain visibility and ensure prompt resolution of service requests. The absence of a streamlined system resulted in delays, decreased customer satisfaction, and hindered overall operational efficiency.

How QuickReach Helped

With their app built through QuickReach, Daikin Philippines yielded remarkable results, notably in the areas of warranty services response and processing. With the streamlined system in place, Daikin experienced faster response times, ensuring prompt resolution of warranty-related inquiries. Additionally, QuickReach expedited the processing of requests for technical consultation and warranty services, significantly reducing turnaround times. 


The Daikin Partner App truly enabled Daikin to deliver timely and high-quality support to its customers, enhancing overall satisfaction and engagement.

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