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Digitize data collection with an easy-to-use digital form builder

Swiftly build the forms you need to collect data and automate workflows —
without writing code

Build powerful online forms and customize them to fit your unique processes

With its intuitive and user-friendly form builder interface, QuickReach enables you to create forms within a couple of minutes and start collecting responses instantly

Easily create the forms to collect the data you need

Quickly start creating your forms by adding columns and build the sequence of the form by simply dragging and dropping elements such as Short Text, Paragraph Text, and Date, into your columns


Make the most out of your forms with advanced form features

QuickReach enables you to collect more advanced information through your forms with form elements such as Geotag, eSignature, Bar Code/QR/NFC scanner, and more

Access your forms using any device

Forms built on QuickReach work seamlessly on any device or platform. Allow users to fill your forms from a desktop browser app, mobile/tablet extension app, own website widget,  or chat bot


Limit access to your forms with Permission Settings

Each section of form can have permission settings by user/user group (hidden, view-only vs edit)


Gather all sorts of data and automate tasks with zero coding

Other Powerful Form Features

Long form or wizard-type form

Choose how to present your form. Either have a stand-alone form page or render it in Wizard View which helps users jump through form sections

Free-form or select from drop-down

Design how users input information into your form, either through manual data entry or choose from drop-down options

Table view option

Easily review form responses by displaying information from one record in a data table 

Arithmetic operations

Arithmetic operations let you set values for different questions and answers. Build quote forms and many other types of forms with this feature

Autofill & Reference Table Options

Automatically populate user’s information in online forms built using QuickReach 

Entry validation & conditions

Ensure that the data you collect are clear, valid, and true by setting entry validation attributes and conditions

Explore the different modules inside
our no-code platform

Build an app fully integrated to your backend in weeks. No engineers needed.

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