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Drive innovation and increase agility
the no-code way

Easily create transformative digital solutions - minus the high upfront costs of buying off-the-shelf or the long development time of building apps from ground up

Explore the different modules inside
our no-code platform

Build an app fully integrated to your backend in weeks. No engineers needed.


Create fully-customized, multi-level forms that trigger workflows or update records​


Identify actors, map out your unique process, and apply basic automations under each process step​


Create record-keeping apps that you can draw data from for your solutions or reports

Reports & Dashboards

Gain insights on your business processes by designing and generating reports drawn from various solutions ​


Automate routine rule-driven steps and allow automated 24x7 processing and eliminate errors  from human operators

Internal/Employee App

Ensure that the data you collect are clear, valid, and true by setting entry validation attributes and conditions

External/Customer App

Provide self-service options to customers such as request creation, inquiries, and more via an external/customer app

Internet of Things

Create smarter processes by incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to your solutions


Accelerate your company’s digital transformation through no-code

Other Powerful Form Features


Admins have overall control over user access settings, as well as the capacity to give or revoke licenses to all active users in the organization


Building Solutions and Automation processes are its primary responsibilities. A Builder in your organization can only be assigned by the Admin


These are normal Steer users who have limited access options, such as viewing Solutions that they have access to, and create ticket requests

What Makes QuickReach Users Successful?

Steer is the easiest, most agile way to transform your paper-based operations into a digital workspace. Here are the advantages of using Steer versus other options:

Better than paperwork

Replace tedious & error-prone manual processes with streamlined workflows

Reduce operational costs

✓ Improve customer experiences

✓ Empower employees to work anywhere

✓ Boost overall data accuracy

✓ Convert data into actionable insights

Faster than

Easily build a working, scalable and secure solution in hours (not months)

✓ Access free solution templates

✓ Worry-free maintenance & hosting

✓ Instantly make changes & scale

✓ Instantly make changes & scale

✓ Enable business users to DIY

Richer than other platforms

Address more complex solution requirements without breaking the bank 

✓ Much more advanced form design

✓ Robust automation & Integratioon

✓ Modern & highly-scalable architecture

✓ AI and IoT add-ons available

✓ Get stellar customer success services

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