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Customizable Workflow Templates for Every Process

Use QuickReach's ready-to-use, customizable templates to swiftly start digitizing and automating your internal processes - no coding needed!

Human Resources

Leverage QuickReach’s tailored digital workflow templates designed for HR departments to streamline a multitude of human resources processes and boost overall efficiency

Disciplinary Memo Request 

Documentation Control 

Employee Information Update 

HR Document Request 

Leave Request 

Undertime Request 

Work from Home Approval 

Work Log 

Vehicle Request 

Overtime Authorization 



Empower Finance teams to effortlessly oversee and monitor a multitude of requests using QuickReach’s ready-to-use templates for finance 

Accounts Payable 

Collection Management 

Liquidation Report 

Loan Application 

Petty Cash (Advanced) 

Petty Cash (Basic) 


Request for Payment 

 Salary Advance 

Travel Expense 


Take Your Business’ Efficiency & Productivity to the Next Level

Easily digitize specific workflows with customizable pre-built templates designed to optimize processes in various industries



Use QuickReach to provide employees with streamlined and hassle-free solutions for requesting office supplies, monitoring requisitions, and efficiently managing inventory

Business Card Management 

Employee Purchase Request 

Inventory Stock Request 

Inventory Transaction (transfers, etc) 

Inventory Management 

  • Equipment Checkout 

  • Warehouse Lot Management 

  • Material Request 

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