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Streamlining loan applications, processing, and tracking

WinCredit Corporation utilizes QuickReach to develop a custom loan application and tracking app tailored to streamline the loan application process, resulting in enhanced customer experiences by enabling quicker and more efficient loan applications.

Solution Overview


Loan Application & Tracking App

Development Time

Approximately 3 months

Business Value

Time savings on loan applications

Development Time

App accessible by customers to apply for loans and track their application


Like WinCredit, digitally transform your company at lightning speed with QuickReach


About WinCredit Corporation

WinCredit Corp. is a prominent lending company located in Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines, with a specific focus on providing lending services to teachers. Recognizing the invaluable role that teachers play in society and the unique financial needs they may have, WinCredit Corp. has dedicated itself to extending credit facilities exclusively to public school teachers.



The Process Before Using QuickReach

WinCredit Corporation relied heavily on clients visiting their office to apply for loans. The traditional process involved cumbersome paper-based forms and manual processing, leading to difficulties in meeting SLAs. The time-consuming nature of the process posed challenges for both the company and its clients.

One of the main issues WinCredit faced was the prolonged loan processing time caused by the manual paperwork. The traditional approach not only delayed the loan approval process but also hindered the company’s ability to provide timely assistance to its clients. This created a need for a more efficient and streamlined solution.

Another significant challenge for WinCredit was effectively tracking loan payments for multiple clients with multiple loans. The manual system made it arduous to maintain accurate records and monitor repayment schedules. This lack of visibility and control made it difficult for the company to proactively manage and support its clients throughout the loan repayment process.

Realizing the limitations and inefficiencies of their existing processes, WinCredit recognized the importance of adopting a digital solution that could optimize their operations. This prompted the company to explore QuickReach as a viable option for transforming its loan application and tracking procedures.

How QuickReach Helped

WinCredit Corporation achieved a significant milestone in just three months by launching an app powered by QuickReach. This app revolutionized the loan application process, allowing customers to apply for loans online without the need to physically visit WinCredit’s office. The app’s user-friendly interface improved accessibility and enhanced the overall customer experience.

With QuickReach, WinCredit gained valuable tracking capabilities, enabling them to easily monitor active clients and efficiently manage customer relationships. The app also provided insights into upselling opportunities, allowing WinCredit to offer tailored loan products based on individual customer needs. Additionally, the automation of loan balance tracking streamlined operations and improved communication between WinCredit and its customers.

Overall, the implementation of QuickReach’s app transformed WinCredit’s loan application process, delivering convenience, efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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