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Boosting App Capabilities with Artificial Intelligence

Companies today are increasingly becoming competitive in capturing customers – this is true especially in the digital and application spaces. More than ever, the digital interactions that customers have with companies are becoming more crucial especially because of their high expectations. Indeed, digital experiences contribute to maintaining and gaining more customers; and among the technologies that can enhance these experiences is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In the forefront of AI/cognitive technologies is Azure Cognitive Services, a comprehensive family of AI services and cognitive APIs from Microsoft that help build intelligent applications. Azure Cognitive Services makes AI accessible to developers sans the need for machine learning expertise. It enables sight, hearing, searching, comprehension, and decision-making capabilities within apps via API calls.

Here is an overview of the capabilities Azure Cognitive Services has to offer:

Decision – Anomaly Detector, Content Moderator, Personalizer

Language – Immersive Reader, Language Understanding, QnA Maker, Text Analytics, Translator

Speech – Speech to Text to Speech, Speech Translation, Speaker Recognition

Vision – Computer Vision, Custom Vision, Face, Form Recognizer, Ink Recognizer, Video Indexer

Web Search – Bing Autosuggest, Custom Search, Entity Search, Image Search, News Search, and more

Level up applications with BlastAsia and Azure Cognitive Services

There’s no denying that businesses need AI to enhance the usability of apps and the convenience, easy-of-use that it brings to customers/its users. With Azure Cognitive Services, there is no need to build these capabilities from ground up.

BlastAsia has been dabbling with cutting-edge technologies for years including AI and has built commendable expertise in working with Azure Cognitive Services. Explore how we you can help you deploy AI for various business cases. Feel free to BOOK A MEETING with our team.


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