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QuickReach launches new Virtual Team Essentials

Updated: May 8, 2020

QuickReach introduces its Virtual Team Essentials, the newest addition to its roster of offerings, addressing the need of many companies to move towards becoming a fully digital enterprise that supports work-from-home/telecommuting/remote work during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ensure business continuity through digital workflows

QuickReach’s Virtual Team Essentials keeps key support functions running with or without office operations as it enables convenient filing/approval of requests through mobile/web, better visibility & control on activities across departments and easy integration into existing HR systems, accounting/finance systems, and other core systems.

The Virtual Team Essentials features a set of free workflow templates that allow enterprises to implement automated processes as fast as a day or two.

Available Templates

  • Employee Reimbursement

  • Company Policy/ Announcement

  • Overtime Authorization

  • Undertime Request

  • Leave Request

  • AP Invoice Approval

  • Employee Loan Application

  • Work Log/Time Sheet

  • Expense Approval

Templates Coming Soon

  • Disciplinary Memo

  • IT Access

  • Request for Payment

  • Salary Advance

  • HR Document Request

  • IT Checklist

  • Cybersecurity Checklist

  • Payroll Processing

  • Billing Processing

Make your support services telecommuting-ready

The Virtual Team Essentials is available when you purchase the QuickReach Standard License of $200/month for the first 20 users ($10/month for additional user). In addition to the Virtual Team Essentials, QuickReach offers other solutions that address department-specific or industry-specific needs.

It’s time to make your organization 100% telecommuting-ready with the Virtual Team Essentials from QuickReach. BOOK A MEETING

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