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3 Ways Apps Can Drive Customer Engagement

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. The survival and growth of your enterprise relies not only on your ability to attract new clients, but in retaining them as well. While personal interactions are best, businesses do need a way to scale their efforts. Today, people have come to expect some form of online, self-service way of engaging with your business, such as a mobile or web-based app. These apps – when designed well -- can be an effective way to establish a personalized connection with customers (or employees), providing an avenue for constant engagement and a means to build customer loyalty for your business' long-term sustainability. An app can help you to:

1. Keep customers engaged throughout the customer lifecycle.

An app can enable quality touchpoints from the first contact with your business and all throughout the customer life cycle: from initial awareness to consideration, purchase, experience, retention and referral. Features such as chat, push notifications, payments and bots with varying levels of intelligence can help you address customer needs no matter where they are in the buying cycle.

2. Ask for customer feedback.

Feedback and reviews are such a huge part of how consumers make purchase decisions these days, no matter what the product or service. It is important for you to collect customer feedback by opening channels for customers to communicate with you. Chat features can let your customers get instant answers to their questions or issues. Customers can also be prompted to leave reviews for your product or service so you can continue to improve on your offers.

3. Drive repeat business by rewarding Interactions.

Another way to drive customer engagement is by rewarding interactions taken by the customers with the business. Choose a platform that allows you to do things like giving customers special rewards or discounts for completing their 1st transaction or sharing the app with a friend. You can also release discount codes to encourage repeat transactions or align promos with your offline marketing campaigns.

When thinking about a customer app, you need not build one from scratch. QuickReach is a platform that allows businesses to quickly deploy an app by selecting the features or capabilities they need and then customizing it for their business. It supports common requirements such as individual customer log-ins and profiles, engagement tools like chatbots or push notifications, online payments, feedback and rating mechanisms and the like. The platform also boasts its own analytics solution that lets you analyze how your app is impacting the business.

The key to effective customer engagement is creating a personal connection between the business and the customer. In our increasingly digital world, apps allow us to go beyond standard customer engagement practices and scale to many customers. QuickReach is the platform to consider to upgrade how your digital customer engagement experience, making your business ready to respond to your customer's needs efficiently and effectively.


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