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Top Tech Trends that Drive Transformation in the Insurance Industry

Digital transformation has since been changing the way the insurance industry operates. However, this has been accelerated further by the need to address the different challenges caused by the pandemic especially to the people that insurance companies serve. To meet the growing expectations and demands of clients, automated and digitalized processes are now becoming more of an industry-standard rather than "nice-to-haves".

As insurance companies face the challenges of the new normal, we enumerate some top tech trends experts say will transform how insurance companies cater to and deliver services to their clients.

1. Digital, Self-Service Channels

While customers and insurance brokers continue to work from home and stay at home, the industry expects an increase in the adoption of digital tools especially self-service digital channels that enable customers to access services and provide insurance brokers tools to cater to the needs of their clients. These include technologies such as widgets, apps, chatbots, with capabilities for e-signature capturing that make it possible to process claims or to purchase policies anytime, anywhere.

2. Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Accuracy in data and efficiency are crucial in insurance processes whether it's customer onboarding, underwriting, or filing claims. With the use of digital forms and AI software, financial advisors or insurance brokers do not only ensure a smoother customer experience, but they can now also automate many aspects of the insurance process and speed up turnaround cycles.

3. No-code/Low-code Development

Low/no-code tools enable business users in the insurance companies to build solutions according to their unique processes by using intuitive, user-friendly drag and drop functionalities. With this, apps that can be used by customers to access insurance services can be rolled out faster at a fraction of a cost

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Continuous digital transformation in the retail industry is inevitable especially with the ever-changing business environment the pandemic brings. Technology is key to adapt, innovate, and seize opportunities to better retail services and meet consumer expectations.

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